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Why My Mother Bought Life Insurance

My mother was a woman who always wanted the best for her kids, and she made sure that we had everything we needed when we were young. My sisters and I are all in good places in our lives now, so our mother doesn’t worry that if she died, we’d be in a bad place financially for that reason. But the thing is, if she died suddenly of something like a heart attack or stroke, there wouldn’t be an issue. If she gets cancer, though, or anything else that can potentially involve long hospital stays, there could be quite a financial cost before she passed away. There’s also the cost of burial and funerals, which is pretty significant. She knows we would want only the best for her, and that my sisters and I would all mortgage our homes to pay her hospital bills to get her the best care we needed.

She didn’t want to be e burden on us at the end of her life, so she took out a life insurance plan (from to provide some relief from end of life expenses. I hope she’s with us for a long time yet, but it’s nice to know we’re safe.

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What do you use your magnifying glass for?

Every state in the United States, and nearly every country in the world, now require people who drive cars, to have liability insurance before they even hit the road. And, almost every finance company that makes loans on cars, will also require complete coverage, including comprehensive and collision, that covers their interest in the car. And, there are quite a few different ways to adjust your coverage to more protect yourself in the case of an accident, or increase/decrease the coverage on your car depending on how much it’s worth to you. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you could possibly save money, either with the same company that you’re now insured by, or by looking for these particular discounts with another company.

One great way to save money with most car insurance companies is to reduce the number of miles that you drive to and from work. And, the absolute easiest way to do that is to join a carpool network in your local area. There are many carpool connection companies available on the Internet that can help match people near your home, that work near your work, and have similar work hours as you. You should notify your insurance company as soon as you’re set up with carpooling, the least number of days per week that you drive your car to an from work the less you’ll pay for car insurance rates.

Another way to you can save money on your car insurance rates, sometimes with just a phone call depending on the company your with, is let them know that your car kept in a garage at night, and any time that you’re not driving it. This substantially reduces the amount of risk of vandalism, theft, hailstones falling on it, or drunks running into it at night. A car that is kept in a garage will also last longer because of the reduced exposure to sun, rain and other weather elements. Additionally, the installation of a theft alarm is usually worth more of a discount than the cost of the alarm. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with it.

Many insurance companies offer financing on a monthly basis with a will automatically deduct from your checking account or bill you monthly at your home. This is fantastic for people that live paycheck to paycheck, and have difficulty saving up money. However, if you read the fine print, all of these monthly billing conveniences come with a price, you’ll need to read your bill with a magnifying glass to discover all the facts. Maybe it’s worth it to you to pay $6- $10 extra per month to be billed monthly, or saving $100 a year on billing fees, sounds like a better idea.

One quick way to get stuck paying high premiums is to let your insurance lapse out by not paying on time. The thought behind this is, that for a short period of time you were uninsured, illegal to be on the road, and a high risk hazard to all of the insurance companies in your state. What insurance companies do, is penalize you with a higher rate when re-sign with them, possibly for six months, or maybe for a year, for just a simple mistake.

Well, those are four fantastic tips that could save you money right away with your insurance company if the particular discount is offered. Then, next time you need to renew, you can get on the phone and mention these types of discounts, to see if they are available and you’re eligible. You can also check online car insurance.

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The Ingredients that Make Up an Amazing Blog Post

stencil.default (1)It was during the late 1990s that blog posts came out as a new trend. It quickly captivated the attention of millions of readers from around the world. We all want our voices be heard through this dynamic and highly engaging channel. In the following decade, blogging came to full maturity. It successfully emerged as one of the top digital and online marketing tools that deliver results and drive sales up as well.

stencil.default (4)


stencil.default (8)A lot of business people and Internet marketing professionals realized the importance of blogging to grow their business online. Marketers who have business-related blogs were able to generate 67% more traffic and high-quality leads, whilst companies that added blogging into their marketing strategy generated up to 97% more links to their pages and respective websites.

Blogs are guaranteed to establish brand awareness and increase the rate of engagement with the target audience. But this doesn’t mean that all those who have blogs achieve the same positive results, or desired outcomes.


So what are exact elements of an effective blog posts?

Attention Grabbing Starter

Use highly-targeted keywords that your audience are looking for. Stimulate their imagination with enticing and luscious words and phrases that will get them hooked so they explore more content from your blog.

Explosive Beginner

Make sure to start with an explosive and audacious statements in the beginning of our blog, or else you are bound to lose your target market forever.

Organize a Cohesive Structure

Make your content of quality, not quantity. Blog readers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and choose to follow blogs with both substance and style.

Captivate the Audience with Interesting Stories

The lead should grab the attention of readers. Pose a serious problem that they want quick and effective resolutions to. Just like in real life, things may get worse. Try to amplify the problem, but make sure to follow up with a solution. Make sure to enumerate core points on your blog posts. Present solutions in a systematic manner that answers the questions and problems of readers.

Use of Persuasive Words

With the usage of persuasive words, you are then identified as not only a source of accurate information, but also an authority in your chosen niche.

Be Unique and Original

People these days don’t want to read a long article featuring bland and boring writings. What they are looking for is original content that is both useful and entertaining. Make sure to understand your audience before writing a post. Once you have identified their needs and their taste, you may now start on writing blog posts that are unique.